Dear James The Whale

A punchy post for a portly host.

On your LBC radio show yesterday (3 January 2012) at approximately 6.00pm, one of your male callers argued that the media might not always make a terrible fuss about a white person being attacked by non-whites where there was a clear racial element to the crime.  You were rather dismissive, in principle, of the gentleman’s argument.

Admittedly, the gentleman could have been slightly better prepared, with actual facts at his disposal, but perhaps you could have let him speak a bit more rather than talking over him (old habits die hard, I know).  Surely any conversation (and especially “LBC, London’s biggest conversation”) involves by definition more than one person.

Have a read of this for an example of the kind of story I think he might have been talking about.

(Incidentally, when I talk about race here, I mean ethnicity/nationality rather than religion.  I do not see Islam as a race; I see it as a religion or an ideology, like Scientology or Monster Raving Loonyism.)

For all I know you might well have discussed this gruesome story on your show at the time.  If so, please accept my apologies because I do not listen to all of your radio shows – sometimes I prefer to listen to grown-up ones where the presenter doesn’t simply dispatch one tired, narrow-minded cliché after another in the manner of an excitable sloth (no offence!).

In any case, even if it was covered on your show or another LBC show I do not recall the story gaining much traction in the media generally, so this would seem to validate the gentleman’s argument or at least make it deserving of further analysis.

Yesterday’s conviction of Stephen Lawrence’s killers was wonderful news for Stephen’s family and everyone else (apart from the killers, obviously), but let us remember that equality means equality, hence the term ‘equality’.

That’s all.

The Re-Enlightenment