That Fabio Capello/FA Conversation IN FULL


FA: Mr. Capello, could you please explain why you have been criticising the Football Association in the Italian media?

Capello: Is because, how north English people say, “I like what I saying and I say what bloody well I liking”.

FA: No, you can’t say whatever you like. For example, you can’t publicly criticise the Football Association – your employer – in public. Read your £6m a year contract.

Capello: Look, I England football manager. I, no FA. FA mine me under, no, undermine me, by stop Mr. John be capitan.

FA: Again, please read your contract, Mr. Capello. We are contractually permitted to take action like that in certain circumstances.

Capello: I no happy.

FA: Either are we.  You can resign, or…

Capello: I go.

FA: Ciao

Capello: Si

— The End —