Boston Bombing: Why I’m Hoping It Wasn’t Islamic Terrorism

BostonI touched on this subject after Anders Breivik’s orgy of violence in July 2011. Here goes again.

I’m hoping it wasn’t Islamic terrorism…

Because it won’t be condemned unequivocally.

Because politicians and commentators will search for excuses for terrorism. And rest assured: they will find them.

Because cold-blooded murderers will transform effortlessly into victims by being called “martyrs”.

Because everyone will get the blame. Apart from the terrorists.

Because everything will be the cause. Apart from religion.

Because everything will be criticised. Apart from Islam.

Because when societies are unable or unwilling to discuss the root causes of a problem they ensure that problem won’t go away, and that it gets worse.

Because Muslim “scholars” and their supine, western civilisation-hating “liberal” apologists will mock us by saying Islam means “peace” (whilst buildings are still smoking) when some us already know it means “submission”.

Because everyone who talks openly and frankly will be part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Because everyone who talks openly and frankly will be labelled intolerant, aggressive or supremacist – when these are adjectives best applied to blood-thirsty terrorists who seek to murder innocent civilians.

Because so-called moderates will condemn the bombing – well, sort of – before menacingly adding the word “but” and then erroneously connecting the bombings to “western aggression against Muslims”, conveniently or rather deliberately forgetting that a Muslim generally has his or her rights infringed by other Muslims, in the name of Islam and in so-called Muslim countries.

Because commentators will draw false parallels between bombs which inadvertently, tragically, kill civilians and those which are deliberately intended to kill civilians.

Because commentators will contrast the low media coverage and high bodycount of sectarian bombings in the Middle East with the high media coverage and low bodycount of a bomb in an American city – as though it is the West that plants sectarian bombs in Baghdad fruit markets.

Because if you don’t blame perpetrators there is no-one else to blame except the victims, their families and every human being who values freedom.