About Me

Hi, my name’s The Re-Enlightenment* and I’m a male human trying to understand the universe and my significance in it, if any. This is my blog.

Whenever I’m asked to describe myself in twelve words I tend to go for “average guy, average build, average intelligence, average job, average life, average prospects”.

I’ve generally only ever written anything when I’ve had to: for work, for homework, signing for postal deliveries, leaving notes for the milkman, that sort of thing. I like to think the writing I’ve produced has been of a reasonable quality so I’m assuming any writing I do for personal enjoyment, and on topics I actually find interesting, will meet that threshold at the very least.

I hope at least one person will find my short articles informative, interesting or funny. I don’t expect everyone or even anyone to agree with anything I write but I believe freedom of speech is the crucial ingredient of any civilization and that everyone has the right to speak their mind. The way I see it, if you don’t use your brain then someone else probably will.

Although it’s not my intention to cause offence, I don’t believe the taking of offence is itself a legitimate enough barrier to freedom of speech. I say that in a fight between the right to freedom of speech and the right not to get offended, freedom of speech wins every time. By knockout. Getting offended occasionally (or very often, if you have lots of stupid opinions) is just the price of an admission ticket into a free society; seriously good value if you ask me.

If despite my above explanations you still insist on getting upset by something on this blog, this might help you.

Finally, please don’t worry if there’s absolutely nothing on this blog you find informative, interesting or funny. I promise not to be offended.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  All facts are my own.

* Not my real name