Sharia: Cameron Can Kill Multiple Birds With One Stoning


Establishing that women suffer when religion and law collide is like establishing that excrement emits an unpleasant odour.

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Cameron and Religion: Payback Time

Cameron“Please forgive me, for I have sinned. As the democratically-elected leader of a democracy I have tried to ensure identical legal rights for all citizens.” – David Cameron, Prime Minister

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Same sex marriage: same old prejudices

Marriage“We’re not homophobic”, say MPs who vote against legal equality for homosexuals despite gold-plated legal safeguards ensuring religious freedom.

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On Jimmy Carr

Don’t you just love edgy, anti-establishment comedians with their sharp wit and brutal satire, bravely holding the powerful to account and criticising the tax avoidance of large corporates – all in between appointments with accountants in which they effortlessly reduce their own tax exposure to a whole per cent?

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Dear Rev. Cameron

An open Christmas card to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Theocracy, theocracy

How I despise your supposed moral superiority

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Fox Knows How Someone Can be This Stupid

A high-ranking and apparently capable politician with a promising career ahead of him – and possibly even an eye on the top job eventually – resigned as Defence Secretary on 14 October before he could be sacked, and this has led me to consider the nature of mistakes and whether someone deserves sympathy.

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