The ECtHR Decisions: More Thoughts, and “What If”

ECHR2This follows yesterday’s post where I discussed the judgements of the European Court of Human Rights concerning religious discrimination against four Christians in the UK. Here I explore things a bit further and also analyse the possible consequences of alternative judgements.

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Some Good News for Secularists

ECHRTwo bits of good news in twenty four hours.  It’s fun to be a secularist.

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The British Workplace is Accommodating Enough to Religion

Give Or Take Keys Showing Compromise***

This is a response to a piece in the Independent by Reyhana Patel on 21 December 2012, “The British workplace must become more accommodating to Muslim women”.


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Religious and Cultural Sensitivity, Part 2

This follows on from a previous post in November 2011. If you haven’t already done so, I would politely recommend reading that before you read this one. But if, like me, you like a short cut, here’s a heavily abridged version of the story so far…

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