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Boston Bombing: Why I’m Hoping It Wasn’t Islamic Terrorism

BostonI touched on this subject after Anders Breivik’s orgy of violence in July 2011. Here goes again.

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Can Everyone Stop Getting Offended So Easily, Please?

If you want to subjugate women and violate their rights and their bodies, use religion.  Nothing can ever justify selling a harmless Topman T-shirt making fun of ugly women, though.

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Time to Open a Can of Whoopass on Gaddafi

When France intervenes militarily in an Arab state, in the words of Dr. Emmett Brown from Back To The Future, “this is heavy”. And I think it’s the right decision, too. Couple of questions, though. How will it all end? Will we do this every five minutes?

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Why the Egyptian Protesters Might Save the World…

The Egyptians have demonstrated a clear desire for democracy and this could have important consequences not just for their country, or even the Middle East. The Egyptians might just save democracy itself.

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