War on Terror? Islam’s War on Us, more like

CenotaphThe last couple of weeks have been really tough. The issue of the niqab has affected me in ways I wasn’t expecting. It’s triggered all sorts of emotions in me. I think we’ve passed some kind of threshold.

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Maybe it’s time to ban the veil

Niqab banLast week was a good week for Islam and the veil. As usual.

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The British Workplace is Accommodating Enough to Religion

Give Or Take Keys Showing Compromise***

This is a response to a piece in the Independent by Reyhana Patel on 21 December 2012, “The British workplace must become more accommodating to Muslim women”.


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We Are Living Under an Islamic Inquisition

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m not a racist, I’m not an Islamophobe (whatever the hell that is) and I’m not a member or supporter of the BNP or the EDL or any of its offshoots. But I am deeply concerned when human beings can’t speak their mind or make a few gags due to the threat of violence.

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Faces shouldn’t be covered. Either should discussion about faces being covered.

I’m not a member of a misogynistic, medieval death cult. Am I allowed to wear a facemask in public?

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