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Middle England must listen to Tommy Robinson
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Did you hear the one about the alcoholic, atheist Muslim?
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I’m sick of it
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As an infidel I struggle with Mehdi Hasan
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War on Terror? Islam’s War on Us, more like
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Pack up your toys, Mehdi. The game’s up.
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The Madness of Cristina Odone
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Careful what you pray for
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Maybe it’s time to ban the veil
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Anne Atkins and Michael Portillo: fashionable nonsense
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Has the Catholic Church hit the self-destruct button?
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Sharia: Cameron can kill multiple birds with one stoning
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Welby’s woes: a very simple solution
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Same sex marriage: same old prejudices
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If you like cutting penises so much, cut your own
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Employers: mind your own business
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Woolwich: do you get it yet?
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A challenge for employment lawyers
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Faces shouldn’t be covered. Either should discussion about faces being covered.
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Muslim women and children are chattels, not human beings. Discuss.
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