Maybe it’s time to ban the veil

Niqab banLast week was a good week for Islam and the veil. As usual.

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Time to be honest about the English Defence League

RobinsonDo you agree with Tommy?

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Sharia: Cameron Can Kill Multiple Birds With One Stoning


Establishing that women suffer when religion and law collide is like establishing that excrement emits an unpleasant odour.

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Religious and Cultural Sensitivity, Part 2

This follows on from a previous post in November 2011. If you haven’t already done so, I would politely recommend reading that before you read this one. But if, like me, you like a short cut, here’s a heavily abridged version of the story so far…

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Can Everyone Stop Getting Offended So Easily, Please?

If you want to subjugate women and violate their rights and their bodies, use religion.  Nothing can ever justify selling a harmless Topman T-shirt making fun of ugly women, though.

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